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We have completed the delivery of the MARLIN TYPHOON-2000GP plasma cutting unit

A few days ago, the delivery of a CNC gas flame nesting unit, more often called “plasma”, was completed.


This exclusive technology developed by Czech and Ukrainian experts allows not only cutting metal with plasma and gas, but also marking products. It is peculiar that is that the cutting unit is equipped with two plasma sources: HYPERTHERM Powermax 125 and HYPERTHERM Powermax 45XP.


The HYPERTHERM Powermax 45XP source allows marking parts on an entire sheet of metal, and then a more powerful source, the HYPERTHERM Powermax 125, can be used. It allows cutting metal up to 30 mm thick with punching. Thicker metals can be easily cut with a flame cutting system equipped with a HARRIS torch. The highest quality of all components is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Even if you consider servo drives, PANASONIC servo drives are unbeatable.


Please note that the dimensions of the table are not typical: 2100 mm x 8100 mm = due to the peculiarities of the shipbuilding industry.

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