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Shot-blasting machine

More than a year ago we delivered, installed and commissioned a shot blasting machine to remove dirt, rust and scale from rolled metal products.




Over this period, the machine has gained an outstanding credit for reliability and quality of metal cleaning. It should be noted that the shot is very important both for the cleaning and for the durability of the shot blasting units and working surfaces. We have identified the best fraction, type and manufacturer of the shot. This has allowed to increase the service life of both shot and blades of the blasting chamber. We have also concluded an import contract for the supply of a spare set of brushes to remove the shot from the metal. Contrary to the stereotype that the shot blasting unit is a very loud and dusty machine, this unit works very quietly, and a well-thought-out filtration system does not allow knocked down rust and dust to scatter around the workshop.




This shot-blasting machine is equipped with 6 turbines that allow cleaning the sheet metal on both sides in one pass. After this a metal sheet on the roller conveyors is passed to the cleaning chamber. Special sensors track the moment the sheet enters the chamber and turn on the shot blast turbines. In other words, the machine only works when the metal is in the chamber, not when the chamber is empty. After this double-sided metal cleaning is activated and the filtration system captures clogged dirt, rust, scale and dust. The shot recovery system continuously feeds the shot into the separator. There the used and fractured shot is separated from the still usable shot.  After passing the cleaning chamber, the metal is rolled out to the receiving roller conveyors. Then the metal is ready for further processing, i.e. preservation, coating, cutting or welding.


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