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About company

Morautotransport Company was established in 2012. Since that time we have gained a big experience allowing the company specialists not only to solve problems, but also to prevent them on the planning stage.

General information

Main activity – international freight transport. Our truck fleet (8 trucks) and skilled managers deal with any logistic tasks within the minimum period of time. Although our staff consists of 20 persons only, we have carried thousands tons of freight over the years. Our routes include Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.

Besides freight transport, we also specialize in ship repairing/building and have already participated in repairing more than 20 vessels. Our main advantage is that our specialists and equipment can arrive to the vessel location anywhere in the world and perform any kinds of work required for its recovery.

We prefer not to tread water, but to develop all the time. Our activity in the freight transport sphere allowed developing good trade relations with many Ukrainian companies. Our business volume reaches tens of millions of tons. We provide wholesale supply of many products such as industrial materials and equipment, raw materials, timber, spare car parts etc.

Develop with us

We are looking to co-operate with both large-scale producers and those who need single or local freight transport. Also we are seeking for logisticians of industrial enterprises and managers of freight companies for mutually profitable co-operation. Contact us:

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