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Viva la Vita

While we are having a hard time, so as the entire logistics industry, we strongly contribute to the smooth supply of everything that society needs. For ensuring timely delivery of your goods, we have implemented complex internal security measures to minimize any disruptions. We take preventive measures while planning possible scenarios in advance.

At the moment, there are no strict limitations on the movement of goods between Ukraine and EU countries, but long delays at the borders.

We support  the struggling people of Italy, who suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic the most in Europe, and hope that this cradle of modern European civilization will deal with Coronavirus properly.

Today, our new Scania R450 with Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailer has left the dealership and is heading for Odesa, where it will pass registration procedures and become the flagship of our automotive fleet.

The green road train, as one of the colors of the Italian flag, symbolizes the hope and optimism of both our Company and our nation in overcoming this ruthless pandemic as soon as possible by the Italians.

Italy, Ukraine is with you!

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