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Total overhaul of Neptun cutter by our craftsmen

Total overhaul of Neptun cutter by our craftsmen

Our ship repairing specialists performed a set of works for Neptun pilot cutter which is part of USPA SE YBO fleet. According to the contract for vessel repair services, the works were performed on the exterior hull, in the engine room and the service space. Also the specialists modernized the cutter electrical equipment

The detailed list of works includes 70 items including: cleaning and painting the hull upperworks and body; fuel tanks gas-freeing and removing the residues of petroleum products; dismantling and replacing the hull inner planking and insulation; checking the work of main engines and running repair of one of them; regular checking of the vessel measuring equipment.

Among electrical works, maintenance of the cutter navigation lights was performed and some of them were replaced. As for the distribution board, the contact joint were cleaned, degreased and insulated so as annual check of navigation analyzers was performed. The lamps in the engine and steering rooms were replaced.

Finally, seat upholstery and linoleum in the crew service space were replaced. Pillows, mattresses, blankets were cleaned and dried up; filters of apartment air conditioner were cleaned.

Currently the renovated Neptun cutter is on the stocks. The customer checked and accepted most of the completed works.

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