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Let's start the New Year with Good News!

Let’s start the New Year with Good News!

The Moravtotransport company always expands its boundaries and strives for more.

We continue to order spectacular specs and bring bright colors to our roads. This lemon-yellow Scania recently added to the company’s fleet. The color of the cab is called “Rescue Yellow”, the same color is used for the side skirts of the chassis, the front bumper and the headlight surrounds. The black V8-style grille adds gloss and contrast. Agree, such a car is hard to miss on the road and it looks luxurious

The new Schmitz Cargobull Curtainsider Semitrailer has already joined our newest flagship and has started its maiden voyage.
A curtainsider (curtain) semitrailer of this type allows you to load any type of cargo both from the top, from the side, and partly through a double-leaf portal.

The Moravtotransport company can easily make the movement of cargo to its destination without loss in the minimum time!

Nothing is impossible for us!
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